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A Living Wage for Singapore

A living wage is a matter of justice. Is it time for us to consider this seriously in Singapore? If so, how much should a living wage be?

Ng Kok Hoe and Teo You Yenn

In this article in the Singapore Institute of Directors’ Directors Bulletin, Ng Kok Hoe and Teo You Yenn discussed the possible living wage for Singapore. A living wage is a level of wage that affords workers a decent standard of living, relative to contemporary norms in their society. Based on the household budgets reported in our 2021 study, the research team comes up with a starting point and a reasonable target for considering a living wage for Singapore. To read more, please refer to the document below.

This article was first published in the Q2 2022 issue of the SID Directors Bulletin published by the Singapore Institute of Directors.”

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