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The Straits Times’ In Your Opinion Podcast (1)

In this episode of In Your Opinion Podcast, the first of two parts, Teo You Yenn and Ng Kok Hoe explain the MIS study and its methodology. Head over to listen to the podcast episode! Highlights: 00:41: Is there a household budget that captures the lived realities…

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A Living Wage for Singapore

A living wage is a matter of justice. Is it time for us to consider this seriously in Singapore? If so, how much should a living wage be? Ng Kok Hoe and Teo You Yenn In this article in the Singapore Institute of Directors’ Directors Bulletin,…

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A new commentary in The Karyawan!

We have a new commentary in The Karyawan, by research team members Teo You Yenn and Ng Kok Hoe, examining what the 2021 study reveals about how people think about needs, and in particular how they think about the needs of children.

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Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy 17th Anniversary Podcast Series

Social Inclusion in Singapore: Are we there yet? As the year winds down, Ng Kok Hoe (KH) discussed several major policy developments in 2021 with Shailey Hingorani (Head of Advocacy, Research, and Communications at AWARE), in a podcast for LKYSPP’s 17th anniversary. They spoke about the…

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