The MIS calculator

For best results, please view in a laptop/desktop browser. Please note that you must specify the gender of a child if you have chosen an age for the child, and vice versa—otherwise, the results shown are not accurate.

Curious about this calculator?

It draws on Minimum Income Standard research, which uses focus group discussions with ordinary people to determine what level of income is required by households of various ages and sizes in Singapore, so as to enjoy a basic standard of living—something neither extravagant nor too little.

We have used this method to look at the needs of two kinds of households: (i) those made up solely of elderly persons, and (ii) those made up of parents (aged 26-54) and their children (aged under 25). This calculator is intended to give results for the parent-child families (type (ii)) with up to three children. Read the report findings, or find out what people are saying about MIS research in Singapore.